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Friday, July 31, 2009

Slandered by Sex-Stalker "Brian Good" and Op-Ed News Editor

"Brian Good" is probably the most hilariously dubious character in the whole 9/11 truth movement. Truth and justice activist Carol Brouillet reports that Brian volunteered to do the grunt work for her group, then started sexually stalking and harassing her. She should have had him charged, convicted, and imprisoned. Instead, she very firmly showed him the door.
"Brian" then volunteered for Richard Gage's AE911truth.org and disrupted that group.

Meanwhile "Brian" has been stalking and harassing William Rodriguez and myself, repeatedly vandalizing our Wikipedia entries until he was finally banned from Wikipedia. For some reason "Brian" claims to blame me for the popularity of William Rodriguez, who was famous long before anyone had ever heard of me.

What might explain such bizarre compulsive behavior? "Brian" is reportedly obsessed with sick sexual fantasies about leading 9/11 truthers -- the kind of stuff he repeatedly inflicted on a very unwilling and utterly disgusted Carol Brouillet until she told him to get lost or she would call the police. William Rodriguez and I, like Carol, apparently suffer the misfortune of playing a role in "Brian"'s fantasy life. This is, of course, assuming that "Brian" is what he appears to be -- a lunatic sex criminal -- rather than a paid provocateur pretending to be a lunatic sex criminal.

"Brian" somehow finds the time to read every word I write and listen to every radio show I host or guest, then libels me by lying about what I said. Most recently he wrote at Op-Ed News:

"Last Friday Barrett told an AM radio audience on KDKA with a reach of the entire eastern half of the country that the Nazis' murder of 6 million Jews was a lesser crime than invading Poland."

Please listen to what I actually said on KDKA: http://www.kdkaradio.com/pages/3624256.php

Note that I simply cited the Nuremburg Tribunal, which clearly stated that aggression is a greater crime than genocide because it includes any genocide that results from that aggression. Here is a quote from my new book Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters:

To get an idea of just HOW illegal these invasions and occupations (of Afghanistan and Iraq) are, remember that the Nazis were tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for the supreme war crime: aggression. As post-World War II International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg put it, the waging of aggressive war "essentially an evil thing...to initiate a war of aggression...is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole." According to international law and basic morality, aggression is worse than raping children, worse than torturing people to death in boxcars, worse even than genocide. Why? Because starting a war, by invading someone else's country, leads to all the other crimes and disasters, including genocide. Hitler's illegal invasion of Poland led to the deaths of more than 60 million people, while the Holocaust killed fewer than one-tenth that many. That is why the Nazis were hanged at Nuremburg for aggression—the supreme war crime, the worst crime a human being can commit. (Bush's wars have killed more than a million people so far, according to The Lancet, one of the world's leading medical journals.) --Questioning the War on Terror, p.43

Now while I don't really mind being slandered by enemies like psycho-stalker "Brian Good," it really pisses me off when people who haven't yet heard of "Brian" believe his lies. Apparently an Op-Ed News editor did, by flagging "Brian"'s slander with this comment:

This comment has been flagged by an editor
Reason: (Nasty Attacks) I don't know; I've seen less backup in comments before and I think our criteria for comments is a whole lot less than for publication. This is not so much slander as disagreement - and if what the writer says about the host comparing the holocaust favorably to the Nazi polish invasion is true, then I would tend to agree with his assessment. As for the 911 controversy, it is, well controversial, to say the least. Personally, I'd reach for the dial quickly if I ever found my radio tuned to someone like Dr. (Dr. of what?) Barrett.

"Comparing the Holocaust favorably..." WTF!? This editor refused to actually listen to the show, instead assuming that the psycho-stalker slanderer was telling the truth, when in fact he was lying as usual.

I request an apology from the management at Op-Ed News. Please go to the url below and post a comment responding to "Brian" and the Op-Ed News editor, pointing out that I was obviously not speaking "favorably" about the Holocaust, and defending the Nuremburg Tribunal's clear statement that aggression is the supreme war crime:


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Webster Tarpley: Get Ready for Hyperinflation

Tuesday, July 28th, on Fair and Balanced: Webster Tarpley, author, Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Greatest Financial Crisis in Human History. The 1998 edition of Surviving the Cataclysm sounds like it was written yesterday -- Tarpley was a decade ahead of his time. Now the brand-new 660-page 2009 edition explains the current catastrophe and how to fix it. Webster Tarpley is also the author of the 9/11 truth classic 9/11 Synthetic Terror as well as unauthorized biographies of Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush, and is considered by many to be among the world's leading geostrategic and political economics analysts.
9 - 10 a.m. Pacific (noon - 1 pm Eastern), http://www.noliesradio.org The archive will be available later today at http://noliesradio.org/archives/category/shows/fair-balanced

The Second Wave of the Depression: Hyperinflation Likely

by Webster Tarpley

Published in the August Rock Creek Free Press: http://rockcreekfreepress.com/

The second wave of the world economic depression is coming soon. Larry Summers, the economics czar of the Wall Street puppet regime currently in power in Washington, recently confessed to the Financial Times in an unguarded moment: "I don't think the worst is over..." A few weeks earlier, Jacques Attali, who served in the 1980s as the main economics advisor to French President Mitterand, told an audience at the International Economic and Financial Forum (FIEF) in Paris that the world might well soon face a planetary Weimar "in the form of a hyperinflationary depression similar" to the German events of 1922-1923.

(for the full article, download the August issue of the Rock Creek Free Press or better yet subscribe!)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Listener Feedback, re: My Slugfest with Pintek on KDKA, Pittsburgh

re: http://truthjihad.blogspot.com/2009/07/extreme-radio-alert-barrett-v-pintek.html


...was listening to your show on Amer. Freedom Radio last night – and heard about your being on the Mike Pintek Show in Pittsburgh.

When you talked about that interview (Pintek) on your show, you made it sound like it was kind of a slugfest between you and Pintek. But I just got finished listening to it and you demolished every argument he had! You spoke a lot more than he did and he was reduced to saying “I just don’t believe that” almost every time. It was a classic example of a conversation between someone who knows a lot and someone who knows nothing other than the official propaganda. Even both of the callers were on your side.

If that went out to thousands of people in Pittsburgh, I’d call that a battle won – for sure.



Great job on KDKA.

Your rational and evidence based arguments will eventually overcome the inherent cognitive dissonance in otherwise rational people like Mike Pintek. He obviously just didn't want to believe what you were saying about 911, but could not effectively counter many of your points by showing coherent innocent explanations.

I think it is getting easier to make these arguments than it was a few years ago.



This show was a complete waste of time.

A better show would be on the bomb blast at the Pentagon which was witnessesed by Robert Andrews who was in charge of America's 25,000 Special Opeartions troops.on 9-11.

Andrews was interviewed by Barbara Honegger who is a journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School. The bomb went off before the plane hit the Pentagon. It killed the military auditors who were trying to find the 2.3 trillion dollars that Rumsfeld said was missing on 9-10-2001. She found other witnesses.

This is Barbara's article. http://johnmccarthy90066.tripod.com/id206.html

This is Catherine Austin Fitts's web page on the missing trillions:



Saturday, July 25, 2009

Extreme Radio Alert! Barrett v. Pintek

Last night on KDKA, Pittsburgh: My grueling hour-long slugfest with host Mike Pintek! They tell me it will be posted within a few hours at the Mike Pintek archive, http://www.kdkaradio.com/pages/3624256.php If that doesn't work, just go to http://www.kdkaradio.com and find Mike Pintek under the "On the Air" drop-down menu.

More extreme radio:

Today on Truth Jihad Radio, http://www.americanfreedomradio.com:
5-6 pm Central: Mike Palecek, author & should-be winner of the Kilgore Trout Award for great under-appreciated Midwestern social-commentary novelist. 6-7 pm Central: Dr. Richard Curtis, adjunct professor of philosophy at Seattle Central Community College and 9/11 truth supporter, arguing that I shouldn't have had Kevin MacDonald on my show last week. Will be archived at http://www.americanfreedomradio.com/Barrett_09.html

A big thank-you to everyone who helped make my Questioning the War on Terror book release party Thursday night a success! You packed the room, proving that whatever big publishing thinks, there's still an audience out there for books concerned with the truth. http://www.questioningthewaronterror.com

Two more events for your calendar:

Sunday, August 2nd: Dr. Bob Bowman speaks in Milwaukee (I'll be introducing him). 6:30 p.m., Bella's Fat Cat Restaurant, 2737 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., http://ts911t.org/DrBobBowmanSpeakingEvent.html Dr. Bob's website: http://www.thepatriots.us

September 11 - 13, New York City: We Demand Transparency conference. I'll be speaking on the 12th. Other featured speakers include Richard Gage, Daniel Sunjata, William Pepper, and Barrie Zwicker among many others: http://changeandtransparency.blogspot.com/

Thanks for paying attention, and keep on truth-seeking.

Kevin Barrett

PS My response to the folks who emailed me saying I shouldn't have had Kevin MacDonald on my show last week...

Kevin MacDonald's Warning

Why, many listeners have asked me, did I invited Kevin MacDonald on my show last week? Dr. MacDonald is notorious in some quarters for his evolutionary psychology research on Jewish identity as a group evolutionary strategy to compete for resources and power. A sociobiologist and avowed racialist (he supports "race" as a useful concept), MacDonald is concerned about the future of the European "white race" and believes that Jews and other groups are acting against the interest of the "white race" by supporting immigration and multiculturalism. To some of my listeners, this all sounds a lot like an academic version of the Ku Klux Klan's program. Why give someone like that the time of day?

Those who actually listened to the MacDonald interview noticed that I do not share MacDonald's worldview, and that I asked him questions that challenged that worldview. But I might as well admit that I find MacDonald interesting not only for the various ways he seems to me to be wrong, but also for some frightening but important ways he may be right.

At the core of MacDonald's worldview and research program is his belief that we are biologically programmed to cooperate altruistically with those with whom we are relatively genetically similar, and to compete against those from whom we are genetically different. Anyone who has taken Anthropology 101 and studied the kinship systems that are the basis of all human politics will agree that there is at least a degree of truth in this outlook. Those who believe in neo-Darwinian theories of evolution will probably be even more inclined to accept MacDonald's basic premise.

But I don't think this support's MacDonald's political program. On the contrary, the bigger the biological push toward tribal warfare, the more important it is that we overcome our biological programming at the spiritual and cultural levels.

We are living in a world in which ethno-specific biological weapons are not only a possibility, but almost certainly a reality. During the apartheid era, white South African scientists were hard at work on biological weapons that would kill blacks but spare whites. Israeli scientists have likewise been hard at work trying to build weapons that would kill Arabs but spare Jews. Who knows what the Chinese and the Japanese and the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and Lords of the City of London and others have been up to. The mysterious deaths of dozens of leading researchers with actual or potential bio-weapons expertise suggests that much nastiness is afoot in this most sick and twisted area of human endeavor.

If we look at all this unflinchingly, we will understand that it means we are at the end of the road. Humanity cannot continue down the path of tribal-nationalistic struggle. That way lies genocide and the end of civilization, if not the extinction of the species.

We need to rise above whatever genetically-determined tribalism we may harbor, and make the free and conscious decision to embrace and appreciate people who are genetically (and culturally) different from ourselves. Such a collective decision, by the majority of humanity, represents our only hope of survival.

Kevin MacDonald doesn't think we can do it. He thinks we are condemned by our genes to endless tribal strife...In other words, condemned to a future of genocide and likely extinction.

MacDonald's message should be taken as a warning and a wake-up call -- not to rally to defend the tribe, but to put an end to all forms of tribalism before tribalism puts an end to us.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

9/11 Pentagon "Jetliner Attack" Illusion Exposed

The Proof that 9/11 Was an Inside Job that Several Leading 9/11 Truth Sites Don't Want You to See

In his first 9/11 book The New Pearl Harbor (2004), David Ray Griffin wrote that if the government's version of the "757 attack" on the Pentagon was not THE most obviously false part of the official story, it was at the very least tied for first place. (Presumably with Building 7.)

Since then, Griffin has not changed his mind, and the vast majority of 9/11 truth-seekers agrees with him.

Unfortunately, a tiny fringe element of truth-seekers (real and/or counterfeit) has been working overtime to smear anyone who brings up this issue. Worse, they have been smearing the very people who who have been doing the hard work necessary to settle the issue. And even now, after the issue has been definitively settled, they continue to fight a rear-guard action in favor of the proven-false proposition that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. It would be funny, except that these people have seized power at several key 9/11 truth websites and used ad hominem attacks to vilify the researchers who have proved that David Ray Griffin was and remains correct: The government's "757 attack on the Pentagon" story is either AS obviously false as its claim that WTC-7 collapsed from fires, or possibly even MORE obviously false.

Rob Balsamo of Pilots for 9/11 Truth, and Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis of Citizen Investigation Team, have worked their tails off doing primary research. Using the government's own alleged black box data (Balsamo) and in-depth recorded interviews with every Pentagon witness they could track down (Ranke and Marquis) these three guys have proven beyond anybody's reasonable doubt that the government's story is false. What's more, Ranke and Marquis have offered a plausible alternative hypothesis--a jetliner flyover timed to coincide with the detonation of a bomb--and found convincing eyewitness testimony to back it up. This alternative hypothesis lines up well with the evidence Barbara Honegger uncovered in her interviews with Pentagon personnel.

These brave researchers have been repeatedly smeared by -- who else? -- the anonymous cyber-entity that calls itself "Arabesque." This web handle (I have no idea if an actual person corresponds to it, or whether its true name is Operation Arabesque) specializes in cherry-picking little out-of-context word-turds from the internet, and assembling them into deceptive TIN RATS (They'll Never Read All This S**T). The result looks somewhat like actual scholarship to those unfamiliar with the genuine article, and provides those guided more by emotion than intellect -- especially people who are deathly afraid that the 9/11 truth movement will become identified with a claim that looks outlandish to the general public (!) -- with reasons to embrace their knee-jerk emotional reactions rather than engage intellectually with the evidence. (Check out this excellent deconstruction of Operation Arabesque's deceptive attacks on CIT.)

It's funny how the opinions of real 9/11 truth leaders like David Ray Griffin and Richard Gage (who recently endorsed CIT's work) are ignored by certain 9/11 sites, while the deceptive nonsense spewing from the cyber-orifice of Operation Arabesque is accepted. It makes you wonder about the judgement, if not the sincerety, of the people who run these sites.

I urge everyone to watch CIT's new 81 minute presentation, National Security Alert, and listen to my interview last week with Craig Ranke and this coming Tuesday with Rob Balsamo: http://noliesradio.org/archives/category/shows/fair-balanced. Also, please note that Rob and Pilots for 9/11 Truth really need some financial help right now. You can contribute by scrolling down the left column to the "Chip In" button at PilotsFor911Truth.org.

Don't let the trolls, ops and gatekeepers put these brave 9/11 primary-evidence researchers out of business.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Media Covering "Questioning the War on Terror"

WKOW-TV, the ABC affiliate in Madison, Wisconsin, was the first mainstream outlet to cover my brand-new book shredding the whole "war on terror" zeitgeist. (See their coverage here.)

Monday July 13th, I was on WORT-FM, one of the nation's leading Pacifica affiliates, on Norm Stockwell's "A Public Affair."

Tuesday, July 21st, I will be on WOCM, Ocean City, Maryland at 8:10 a.m. Central.

Wednesday, July 22nd, tune in to WJON, St. Cloud, MN, 10:15 a.m. Central, and then on KDKA in Pittsburgh at 8:05 p.m. Central.

Stay tuned to this page for updates.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7/7 radio special with Ian Henshall

Note: This show is archived at:

Tuesday, July 7th, 9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon-1 pm Eastern) on NoLiesRadio.org: Ian Henshall, author, 9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence; one of four national coordinators, www.reinvestigate911.org. As a leading figure of the U.K. truth movement, Ian Henshall will join me today on the fourth anniversary of the 7/7 London bombings to discuss the recent BBC-TV "Conspiracy Files" hatchet-job against the 7/7 truth movement.

Kevin Barrett

PS This just in from Ian Henshall:

Hello all,

I do not claim to be an expert on 7/7, but I think it is fair to say that few UK sceptics think 7/7: The Ripple Effect is correct, while most think the truth is probably a great deal murkier, as Nafeez Ahmed thought in his book on 7/7.

From this perspective this article in yesterday's Daily Mail is pretty good I think. It fails to explicitly mention MI6 and the vanishing 7/7 ringleader but raises a question over this area too. It points to the issue of what explosives were used (for the first week it was high grade military explosives) and where they were (a glaring gap in the BBC account which was unable to produce any evidence refuting reports they were under the trains).

One key question is: where did the BBC Conspiracy Files get their apparent CCTV videos, when Sue in the Mail is saying none have ever been released? One possibility is that Sue is not aware of the Commons report which released (at least to the BBC) more picture evidence, and which I drew attention to on this list a few weeks ago. It would be amazing even by BBC crap standards if the videos they presented were not taken on the day but some other time.

Politically, I would suggest the main thrust should now be that any enquiry must be overseen by relatives of the dead victims (not "survivors" - it is too easy to infiltrate fake survivors) and the Muslim community (not the sort of CIA Muslims the BBC manages to dig up to support the various New Labour wars). It should have unfettered access to all MI6 operatives and files and all allied intelligence services must produce relevant documentation and personnel on pain of limits on future co-operation if they fail.

The Niger forgeries, authenticated by the Blair government, were what swung American public opinion to back the invasion of Iraq, they were the only hard evidence to support the false accusation that Iraq was planning to acquire nuclear weapons. When MI6 authenticated the Niger forgeries for Blair, exposed as fakes in a morning by the UN when they finally saw them, it was either an act of gross incompetence or more likely grave criminality.


Ian Henshall

Owner of Coffee Plant (www.coffee.uk.com) Retail at 180 Portobello Road, London W11 2EB, suppliers of organic and Fairtrade coffees to caterers and by mail order across the UK. Phone 0208 453 1144

Chair of INK, trade organisation for UK alternative print media (www.ink.uk.com)
Email crisisnewsletter(at)pro-net.co.uk
phone (office hours only please) 01273 326862

One of the four national co-ordinators of Reinvestigate 911. www.reinvestigate911.org

Author of "9/11 The New Evidence"
pub Constable (UK) ISBN 978-1-84529-514-1

In the US the book is titled: "9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence"
pub Oct 2007 Carroll & Graf (US) ISBN-10: 0786720417

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Madsen Report: High Treason at NSA

Former National Security Agency officer Wayne Madsen is reporting a sickening cover-up of high treason and mass murder. In a story headlined "NSA Security running amok to plug leaks about 9/11" Madsen writes:

"WMR has learned that the National Security 'Q' Group, responsible for security, has grown to an immense security and counter-intelligence force, with an estimated one thousand government employees, contractors, and paid informants. NSA's Security force is reportedly primarily tasked with plugging any leaks of classified or other information that points to U.S. government involvement with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001."

If anyone can find the names, addresses, and phone numbers of those in charge of the NSA's National Security "Q" Group, please send them to me at truthjihad(at)gmail.com or POB 221, Lone Rock, WI 53556 so that I can investigate this story and, if it pans out, post the traitors' home addresses and phone numbers on the internet.

Happy Independence Day, fellow patriots!