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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rev. Frank Morales: NYCCAN.org Needs You!

Please help NYCCAN.org raise enough money to pass the New York City Ballot Initiative and get a new, independent 9/11 investigation! Donate here.

Rev. Frank Morales writes (via Jonathan Mark):

I hope this note finds you all in good health and spirits. I am writing you to ask for your assistance in getting the word out about the campaign here in NYC to place the issue of a new (real) investigation of 9/11 on the NYC municipal ballot in the November 2009 elections. As I'm sure you're already aware, we have collected well over 30,000 signatures towards our goal of 75,000, which would make it nearly impossible for the city fathers to block our efforts, thereby allowing the voters to decide on the matter, and thus sanction a real (lawful) investigation, which will of course allow for the involvement of groups and individuals like yourselves to finally be afforded a legal venue in which to concretely ascertain the truth and achieve some modicum of justice for all those who have suffered so as a consequence of 9/11.

I have, over the years met some of you, both here in NYC and over in your neck of the woods, and have always respected and been inspired by the work that you all do. Let me just say to you, in all honesty, that we can do this, but not without your help. Our team, campaign and approach have been reconfigured for the homestretch and is in smooth running order. The machine is built, all it needs is fuel. We're collecting some 500-1000 sigs a day, at about a buck a sig! The campaign (the actuality and possibilities it raises) is beginning to cause a buzz here in the heart of the 9/11 beast. We need funds tho to carry us through to November, the great majarity of which will be and has been put towards the payment of well-trained professional petitioners. Below you will find our funds appeal letter. Please, for the sake of us all, for the sake of truth, pass the letter on to your friends and associates ... implore them to send us whatever they can. I have faith that with the involvement of us all in the 9/11 Truth Community we can and will make this happen. Be well.


Reverend Frank Morales

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jewish Writer Atzmon Salutes Ahmedinejad

"Once again I find myself saluting Iranian President Ahmadinejad, in full support of his words. No one could do better bringing to light European racial discriminatory sentiments...The crux of matter is very simple. European diplomats proved yesterday that they cannot take the truth when it is conveyed by a Muslim. Hence... this flock of Western diplomats shouldn't have been participating in an `anti-racism forum' in the first place. The fact that they have behaved intolerantly proves that they and the governments behind them are the root cause of current racism, namely Islamophobia."

Ahmadinejad: "Read My Lips" plus Full Text of Speech By Gilad Atzmon

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Commercial Airline Captain Bruce Sinclair Questions 9/11

Bruce Sinclair is an airline captain with over 42 years and almost 20,000 hours of flying experience. Today on my show "Fair and Balanced" he gave his first-ever radio interview, expressing his severe doubts about the official story of 9/11, and his strong suspicion that 9/11 was part of a decades-long power-seizure by a small group of the ultra-rich. Bruce will be speaking with Barrie Zwicker and Rob Balsamo in Edmonton, Saturday, May 2nd -- details here.

In the second half-hour of the show, electrical engineer and videographer Ken Jenkins discussed his brilliant new article "The Truth Is Not Enough: How to Overcome Emotional Barriers to 9/11 Truth." Ken was up till 5 am last night finishing the new series of shorter versions of Richard Gage's video Blueprint for Truth, which will be available at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth's website in about two weeks.

You can listen to the show via the free archive here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Press for Truth Producer Needs Help to Complete New Film

Dan Sutton in Peoria (where I'll be speaking Sunday, May 3rd) writes:

Friends, please forward this to anyone who might help with this very important project.

Ray Nowosielski, producer of 9/11; Press For Truth is working on a new film about the 9/11 Commission, to be called Footnote 44. It focuses on the many important leads that were never followed. In other words, it proves a cover-up took place. Ray is asking for financial assistance to finish the film. Those who can invest are encouraged to do so, or even just make a donation.

The film will include interviews with several of the 9/11 Commissioners themselves.

As you know, major political crimes have been exposed because of the subsequent coverup.

Forward this to anyone and everyone you know.

Contact Ray Nowosielski at:
Banded Artists, LLC
1601 North Normandie Ave. #209
317 698-4642

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Parallel Lies: Columbine and 9/11

Whether through deliberate misinformation, sheer stupidity, or some combination thereof, the corporate monopoly media has an almost infinite capacity for getting it wrong. Occasionally they later manage to get it right...or at least less wrong.

Here's a guest blog orchestrated by Rolf Lindgren, Galileo scholar and
Barrett for Congress campaign manager. -KB

Parallel Lies

LIE # 1:

The real story of Columbine

Much of what the public has been told about the 1999 shootings is wrong.

10 years later, the real story behind Columbine

By Greg Toppo, USA TODAY

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

They weren't goths or loners.

The two teenagers who killed 13 people and themselves at suburban Denver's Columbine High School 10 years ago next week weren't in the "Trenchcoat Mafia," disaffected videogamers who wore cowboy dusters. The killings ignited a national debate over bullying, but the record now shows Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold hadn't been bullied — in fact, they had bragged in diaries about picking on freshmen and "fags."

Their rampage put schools on alert for "enemies lists" made by troubled students, but the enemies on their list had graduated from Columbine a year earlier. Contrary to early reports, Harris and Klebold weren't on antidepressant medication and didn't target jocks, blacks or Christians, police now say, citing the killers' journals and witness accounts. That story about a student being shot in the head after she said she believed in God? Never happened, the FBI says now.

A decade after Harris and Klebold made Columbine a synonym for rage, new information — including several books that analyze the tragedy through diaries, e-mails, appointment books, videotape, police affidavits and interviews with witnesses, friends and survivors — indicate that much of what the public has been told about the shootings is wrong.



LIE # 2

9/11 Commission Counsel: Government Agreed to Lie About 9/11

New book from man tasked by government to help investigate attacks unveils how "official story is almost entirely untrue"

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission - John Farmer - says that the government agreed not to tell the truth about 9/11, echoing the assertions of fellow 9/11 Commission members who concluded that the Pentagon were engaged in deliberate deception about their response to the attack.

Farmer served as Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission (officially known as the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States), and is also a former New Jersey Attorney General.

Farmer’s book about his experiences working for the Commission is entitled The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America’s Defense on 9/11, and is set to be released in September.

The book unveils how “the public had been seriously misled about what occurred during the morning of the attacks,” and Farmer himself states that “at some level of the government, at some point in time…there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened.”

Only the very naive would dispute that an agreement not to tell the truth is an agreement to lie. Farmer’s contention is that the government agreed to create a phony official version of events to cover-up the real story behind 9/11.



Monday, April 13, 2009

Islam 9/11 Truth Awareness Week

In honor of Islam Awareness Week...

Check out this video:
Muslim USMC Vet Fired From Job For 9/11 Truth Sign

Also Muslims for 9/11 Truth.

Then tune in tomorrow, Tuesday, April 14th, 9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon-1 pm Eastern), on NoLiesRadio.org. I will interview Islamic scholar Imran Hussein, author of An Islamic View of Gog and Magog in the Modern World -- a fascinating look at end-times prophecies and the New World Order from an Islamic perspective.

"There were many, including distinguished Islamic scholars, who were convinced by the lies that 'hatred for America' caused enemies who were inspired by 'radical' Islam to plan and execute the 9/11 attack on America. Such people were duped because they based judgement on appearance and failed to penetrate the reality of what transpired...the fictitious definition of a 'terrorist' (i.e. anyone who dares to raise his hand in order to resist Western/Israeli oppression) did not dawn upon such people until it was too late for them to extricate themselves from the hole into which they had fallen. They failed miserably to hearken to the divine warning located in Sûrah al-Hujurât of the blessed Qur'ân:

'O ye who have faith (in Allah Most High)! If a sinful person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harm people unwittingly and afterwards become full of regret for what you have done (in making a false accusation for example)." (Qur'ân, al-Hujurât, 49: 6)'"

--Imran N. Hosein, An Islamic View of Gog and Magog in the Modern World

Friday, April 10, 2009

Key 9/11 Eyewitnesses Will Be Debriefed Saturday 4/10/09, Truth Jihad Radio

photo: April Gallop with William Rodriguez

Truth Jihad Radio, Saturdays, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio: wfuradio.com

My first hour guest will be Scott Forbes, who worked in the WTC and exposed the 36-hour power-down in the South Tower on the weekend before 9/11. This would have disabled all security systems and allowed "engineers" to come and go at will with (last-minute demolition prep?) equipment. The official story denies this power-down ever happened -- but Forbes is credible and says he has lots of corroborating witnesses, who will presumably come forward when subpoenaed by the upcoming New York City official re-investigation: http://www.nyccan.org

In the second hour I'll welcome April Gallop, a survivor of the Pentagon attack who carried an injured baby out the hole in the building and saw no evidence whatsoever of any airplane debris--then was browbeaten in the hospital by security guys insisting she should say it was a plane. April is suing the government for not evacuating the Pentagon even though they were aware an attack was imminent, and will discuss the progress of her lawsuit. April is clearly a sincere, credible witness -- I met her two years ago and was impressed by her courage and integrity.

Please help publicize this show, which will continue the process of putting these two key witnesses to the 9/11 inside job on the record.

Also, if you can find the time, please help me straighten out my Wikipedia entry.

The short version (stuff that should be there but isn't): http://www.truthjihad.com/wikisources.htm

The long version (detailed critique of the dozens of lies in the current version, along with suggestions for improvement): http://www.truthjihad.com/wikisources.htm

Thanks for listening, and keep up the peaceful struggle!

Kevin Barrett

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sander Hicks: "Unite Behind NYCcan.org for a New 9/11 Investigation"

Sander Hicks gave a terrific interview yesterday on my "Fair and Balanced" show (listen free to the archive here).

He urged everyone who cares about truth and justice to unite behind the New York City Ballot Initiative, which (if we work hard enough) will be on the ballot in November, 2009. The Initiative would create a real investigation with subpoena power--and the Commissioners include people like Martin Luther King assassination truth-seeker William Pepper, Jersey girl Laurie Van Auken, and original "celebrity for 9/11 truth" Ed Asner. This is the best hope for justice we have right now. Go to NYCcan.org and give them whatever time and/or money you can spare.

Another fan of NYCcan.org is Janette MacKinlay, the brave and talented artist and 9/11 survivor who provided Steven Jones his first sample of WTC dust. She recently emailed me urging me to plug NYCcan.org, and also offered her reaction to the recent paper by Jones, Ryan and colleagues showing that the WTC dust was full of nano-thermites. Janette wrote: "I have two reactions, one is the ever present anger, and the other is comfort to know more about what happened to me. I still feel the vibrations from the shock wave that went through me..." Janette has been a voice of reason and moderation in the 9/11 truth movement; she has urged us to recognize that the whole country is suffering from a form of post-traumatic stress syndrome relating to 9/11, and to therefore be gentle in our communicative style, especially with sensitive people.

Extra interesting show coming up! This Saturday April 11th on Truth Jihad Radio I will be interviewing two key 9/11 eyewitnesses. My first hour guest will be Scott Forbes, who worked in the WTC and exposed the 36-hour power-down in the South Tower on the weekend before 9/11. This would have disabled all security systems and allowed "engineers" to come and go at will with (last-minute demolition prep?) equipment. In the second hour I'll welcome April Gallop, a survivor of the Pentagon attack who carried an injured baby out the hole in the building and saw no evidence whatsoever of any airplane crash--then was browbeaten in the hospital by security guys insisting she should say it was a plane. April is suing the government and opining that based on what she experienced, alongside other evidence, the damage at the Pentagon was done by a bomb, not a passenger aircraft. Catch this amazing two hours of eyewitness radio 6-8 pm Eastern (3-5 pm Pacific) at http://www.wfuradio.com

Monday, April 6, 2009

Truth Jihad Newsletter: Some Good News and Some Good News

Tuesday's radio guest Sander Hicks: noon-1 pm Eastern, NoLiesRadio.org


A wave of good news is washing over us!

First...here's the perfect link to forward to those who aren't yet aware of the case for controlled demolition of the WTC:

New Scientific Study: Smoking Gun Evidence of 9/11 Explosives in WTC Dust by Josh Mitteldorf.

And here's one for those who aren't aware, or sufficiently appreciative of, the Citizen Investigation Team's dogged work tracking down eyewitnesses to the Pentagon event, and proving that it didn't happen the way the government says. Sheila Casey writes:

"I am getting TONS of exposure for my Pentagon article these past few days, due to lots of referrals from StumbleUpon. So far today (Sunday) I've had 7,500 hits, with 5,600 unique visitors -- and that's in just 13 hours. At this rate, I'll have 10,000 unique visitors by the time the day is over. So this would be a bit like standing on a street corner and handing out a 9/11 brochure to someone new every six seconds, all day and all night."

"You can help people take this article seriously by leaving a comment here."

Great work, Sheila!

More good news: Splitting-the-Sky is okay! Turns out he just fell off a mountain.

And get this -- mainstream U.S. TV is taking on 9/11 truth this Tuesday night!

As the New York Times tells us: "In Season 5 of 'Rescue Me'...Franco Rivera (Daniel Sunjata) will articulate his Internet-fueled belief that 9/11 was 'an inside job,' the result of “a massive neoconservative government conspiracy” that was designed to increase American power by creating a pretext for seizing control of the world’s oil supplies — a view Mr. Sunjata himself happens to share."

And speaking of New York...this week's guest on "Fair and Balanced," Sander Hicks, will discuss plans for the next 9/11 anniversary event; the NYC 9/11 ballot initiative creating a new, genuinely independent investigation with subpoena power; and much more!

Sander Hicks is the author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-Blowers, and the Cover-Up, which I reviewed here. A journalist, punk rock singer and gubernatorial candidate as well as author, publisher, activist, and general rabble-rouser, he started the coffeehouse/bookstore/publishing house Vox Pop in 2003. Last year Sander went up against a corrupt element of the FBI and published an exposé of the murder of 9/11 whistleblower Dr. Franklin Graham. Listen to the interview live tomorrow, Tuesday April 7th, 9 a.m. -10 a.m. Pacific (noon-1pm Eastern) at http://www.noliesradio.org.

Feel free to email me questions for Sander Hicks: truthjihad(at)gmail.com

For peace & truth,

Kevin Barrett

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Splitting-the-Sky Calls Home

If you caught my first Truth Jihad Radio show on American Freedom Radio yesterday, you may have been concerned, as I was, about my missing guest Splitting-the-Sky. Professor Anthony Hall, my second hour guest, is also a friend of Splitting-the-Sky, who was supposed to join us to talk about his attempt to arrest George Bush for war crimes.

When Splitting-the-Sky wasn't there at the appointed time, we called to check up on him. His wife said he had gone for a walk a few hours ago and was supposed to return in an hour, but didn't. Tony Hall and I--not to mention his wife--were worried about him. (From the viewpoint of the New World Order, STS has got to be one of the most dangerous men alive.)

Today he called to explain what happened: His brief "hike" was actually a mountain climb, and he fell into a ravine, hurt his leg, and lost his cell phone. Fortunately the injury isn't serious. He'll join me shortly after his next "arrest Bush" court date on Saturday, April 18th, 5-6 pm Central, on Truth Jihad Radio on www.wfuradio.com

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Truth Jihad Newsletter: WTC Demolition Breakthrough, Splitting-the-Sky on WFURadio.com Tonight


I am pleased to report that Truth Jihad Radio will return to the airwaves tonight, Saturday, April 4th, 5-7 pm Central, on American Freedom Radio, http://www.wfuradio.com .

1st hour: Discussion of the brand-new article "Active Nanotechnologized Thermitic Material..." -- possibly the most important scientific breakthrough yet for 9/11 truth! (See below.) I hope that one or more of the authors will be joining us. (You can hear my recent interviews discussing the article, prior to publication, with co-authors Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan, by going to http://www.noliesradio.org and scrolling down to the archives.)

The article's conclusion is, shall we say, incendiary: "Based on these observations, we conclude that the red layer of the red/gray chips we have discovered in the WTC dust is active, unreacted thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology, and is a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material."

Talk about smoking guns! This, along with the iron-rich microspheres, is hard evidence of controlled demolition.

I'd say it's time to make some arrests. Speaking of which...

2nd hour guest: Splitting-the-Sky, the fire-breathing 9/11 truth researcher-activist who recently got himself arrested in Calgary attempting to arrest George W. Bush for 9/11 and other war crimes. Splitting-the-Sky will be mounting a civil resistance defense, arguing that citizens have the right to arrest war criminals when the authorities are unwilling or unable to do so. http://truthjihad.blogspot.com/2009/03/honey-badger-cops-attacked-splitting.html

The Splitting-the-Sky case is of tremendous importance. If others follow his example, getting themselves arrested by simply trying to walk through police lines saying "I'm going to arrest this war criminal," and then mount civil resistance defenses, it will be very hard for the media and other power-brokers to ignore.

Also, don't miss David Ray Griffin's "Time for a Second Look" tour which kicks off this Tuesday in Wayne, PA and continues through the East Coast to Europe: http://davidraygriffin.com/

Finally, this Tuesday, I'll interview NYC 9/11 researcher-activist-author Sander Hicks, who is helping organize a New York City truth event for 9/11/09. Fair and Balanced, 9-10 a.m. Pacific (noon-1 pm Eastern) at http://www.noliesradio.org

Thanks for paying attention, and keep up the struggle for truth!

Kevin Barrett

* * *

The article "Active Nanotechnologized Thermitic Material..." was published yesterday in a mainstream peer-reviewed Chemical Physics journal: