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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Kevin Barrett exposes the recent flurry of false flags"

Seattle Community Media presents:

"Kevin Barrett exposes the recent flurry of false flags"  featuring Activist Angel and Pastor Don

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

AMERICAN DEATH THROES: a guest column by Menachem Mevashir

Menachem Mevashir is a Messianic Jewish believer in Jesus. He graduated from Harvard in 1980, lived in Israel for 20 years, converted to Christianity in the year 2000 and returned to the US five years later. He writes: "I am well aware of the brutality of Israeli government officials, the military, and the intelligence agencies. I myself harbored so much animosity towards Arabs that I was deferred from serving in the IDF when I was drafted. I have been a 911 Truther since 9-12-2001, when the first skeptical information started appearing on the internet on many sites." 


by Menachem Mevashir

As I thought about the New Yorker hit piece on Donald Trump, the thing that most struck me was the confession of the author, Tony Schwartz, that his own economic insecurities and avarice led him to work for Trump, a man for whom he had no respect at all. He rationalized his relationship with Trump out of a sense of his own economic desperation.

I suppose the New York Jewish media glitterati and illuminati are all gloating over this mea culpa of one of their own. They now feel that, having confessed his sin and bared his soul, they all can go back to enjoying the bread and wine at their journalistic communion table. The problem is that this confession is totally bogus, like that of a mafia hitman who confesses to the priest on Sunday knowing full well that, come Monday, he will be back to his whoring gambling drinking murdering ways.

The fact is that the Pressititutes of the American Whoreporate Mess Media have been covering up the truth (at best) and lying to us (at worst) for decades. They are busy little bees serving as the unofficial ministry of propaganda for their government and corporate benefactors and colluders in the great American Fascist experiment of Welfare Capitalism, characterized by private gain (profits) and public pain (bailouts).

The media have been asleep at the wheel ever since the JFK assassination, and probably long before. They failed to tell us the truth about fluoridated water, about the explosion of autism spectrum diagnoses traceable to mercury contaminated vaccines and a whole host of environmental factors. They kept silent about the mounting evidence of the dangers of GMOs. They totally avoided the grave implications about Fukushima and about nuclear power in general, with its totally unmanageable and uncontainable toxic waste products.

They kept mum about the obvious chicanery used in the 9/11 terror attacks. They allowed the government to cart away and destroy evidence and to pay off survivors to ensure that no comprehensive investigation ever would take place. And then to use this masterful lie to justify endless wars of imperial aggression.

Today it is safe to assume that just about anything that appears in newspapers magazines or on tv is a lie, or at least a shallow misrepresentation of the truth.

When I returned to this country in December of 2005, I was on a plane with two New York City radio news reporters. I told them that my mother was raised in New York and always boasted that New Yorkers are the smartest people in the world, but that my impression from seeing the New York media’s ineptitude about 9/11 is that they are the most craven and pusillanimous people on earth. The two journalists stared at me with daggers and then said they are off to a fun convention in Las Vegas and don’t really care what I think about them. Case proven.

So my first thought about the New Yorker piece is that it is another phony confession from our mass media elites to lull us back to sleep.

My second thought is that Trump is right that Schwartz expresses ingratitude. Whatever his mixed motivations were, Schwartz was catapulted into success by collaborating with Trump. It really is ingratitude for him to now punch back at his benefactor. Perhaps he should have penned this piece anonymously? I don’t know. But Trump has a point.

And Trump has a deeper point too. Trump says Make America Great Again. In my view, America was great when it was populated by Native American tribes, who roamed its beautiful landscapes, loving laughing living lying laboring and warring among themselves, in relative harmony with the natural environment. Ever since the white Europeans invaded this continent (and indeed the entire Western hemisphere), their sick and depraved culture has metastasized across this continent, from sea to shining sea, until today we are teeming with the putrefaction of their two legged white maggot culture.

And now we are faced with the likely prospect of the Prince of these maggots being elected to sit in the White House maggot palace. Rather than lament this, I think we all should embrace it as a lifesaving opportunity.

For the sad fact is that Trump epitomizes what American culture is: mendacious mediocrity masquerading as meritorious virtue. For years the elites have used television and the entertainment industry to dumb down the American public. These elites enjoy art galleries and opera, lavish vacations and round the world junkets, opulent homes and extravagant restaurants, while the rest of society languishes in a putrid cultural cesspool of rotten television and exploitative movies. Studies have correlated tv viewing habits with income and education, showing that the corporate elites watch less than 30 minutes of tv per day while the lowest paid and least educated folks watch up to eight hours per day. And now Americans are lobotomizing themselves on electronic media for 12 hours per day!

The elites have enjoyed the good life while failing to provide for a good society for everyone. It is not even a priority to them. And now they are reaping the very bitter harvest of a vulgar and mediocre electorate, that they have helped to create, rising up in fury to nominate the Maggot Prince for President. If the elites don’t like this, if they fear it, then they have only themselves to blame. They’ve listened to fiddlers at the Metropolitan Opera House while Rome burns, but now the conflagration threatens them too. They’re like the fools on the Titanic who thought the gash in the ship’s hull would flood out the steerage riffraff so they could enjoy the entire luxury liner for themselves. But they didn’t realize, stupefied with their own depraved decadence, that they too will drown as the ship of state sinks beneath the waves.

If Hillary Clinton is elected it will be painting more makeup and mascara on the old ugly whore face of America. If Trump is elected we have an opportunity to finally recognize who we all are. When Trump says Make America Great Again, I think he really means Make America Hate Again. And when the Maggot Prince, who represents most of us who have zero intellectual curiosity or integrity and who are proud boastful shallow prejudiced vain narcissistic and grossly materialistic, sits in the White House maggot palace and pulls out his well-endowed urinary tool and pisses on the rest of us, the shower of warm sticky liquid just might help wake us all up to recognize that the only enemy we have to fear is us. We can all look in the mirror and hate what we see. And then we can thank the maggot Prince for helping us to recognize the awful truth of what we’ve become: an odious contemptible society of moral and spiritual and intellectual losers.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Iraq, Syria defeating Oded Yinon plan a.k.a. Daesh?

I just gave this interview with Press TV, pointing out that the "terrorism" targeted by the so-called "war on terror" was invented by Netanyahu and colleagues at the JCIT in 1979. Its purpose is to hasten the destabilization and balkanization of Middle Eastern countries, and to rally the West behind a permanent war on Islam for Israel.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A listener's horror story: Framed, imprisoned, hounded out of UK by freemasonic crime cabal

by Matthew Howard

For me this all began when I read a book my mother had on her book shelf called "the Brotherhood" by Stephen Knight published in 1984. Stephen, was found dead in 1985 (under strange circumstances) just before he could write the follow up to this best seller. What made it all the more dramatic for me was that Stephen, had written about the strange deaths of other Free-masonic researchers and authors. This started a lifelong fascination with the 33 degree Scottish Freemasonry.

We can then fast forward to me having a full understanding that the entire establishment in the UK was run by Judeo-Freemasonry (this is dominated by Jewish supremacists). From the palace of Westminster (house of commons and Lords) to the Police and military top-brass on to the high and crown court judges ... right down to local politicians who are often low ranking or in the Blue degrees (the first three degrees) and really don't know much of the game plan. 

Judeo-Freemasonry is extremely compartmentalised .

So fast forward to present day. Gordon Duff, will confirm that if you piss off any dept of the UK government or intelligence services that they will find child pornography on your computers (it's the standard MO)! I know many are aware of what happened to Micheal Shrimpton (and others), in the UK. After whistle blowing on at least one stolen nuclear weapon in London during the 2012 Olympics he was found to have child porn on his computers and then jailed for multiple offenses ... well the same thing happened to me.

I was born in London and loved my home city but I soon realised that it was time to move from my home ... FAST 

The problem was that I had (with the help of others) uncovered a creeping cancer that was metastasizing and spreading through the entire organism that is the UK. I started posting about this on-line and the next thing I know I am in prison!

What got me arrested was exposing a very dark and sinister group called 'common purpose' (or Freemasonry-lite as I call them) and how their funding was coming directly from the CRF via the EU government.  Posting this information (which has now been deleted) on the internet was what got me put in prison on false child pornography charges. 

A specialist investigation unit came to my house at 05.40 in Nov 2008 and arrested me. They then proceeded to take everything electronic they could find. A Police computer forensic dept then clearly placed a bogus search history on my computers and over 2000 images of underage 
children. They also came up with some drugs from my home just to make me look even more of a degenerate then the child porn alone would do! 

I was also told by the lead investigator of the specialist unit (these were not regular Police), that if I did not plead guilty they would prove I was guilty and suggest to the crown court judge (also a Freemason) to go to the full extent of the law in sentencing me! 

I will tell you more about 'common purpose' and what they are doing in the UK during the show as there is just too much to go into detail here ... but I would recommend not eating for a few hours before hand !!!
These people are especially active in social services (you call them child protection in the US) and the lower ranks of the Police. 

And I will also say that they use NLP at their seminars (this is very sinister) I have studied NLP enough to tell you that in the wrong hands it can be very dangerous (subtle mind control ... if you will). They are using social services and the lower ranks of the Police to steal children from 1000's of innocent people in the UK every year! They have also set up secret courts in the UK where the media is NOT allowed to attend so they can break the law without being interrupted! 

So I am now in Prison thinking that it can't get any worse (never say never). They then put an illegal immigrant into my cell (that I had been in alone) just weeks before my release. They claimed it was due to over crowding. However, I soon realised the motives were not as suggested. This guy brings a TV with him (I have not watched TV for close to 20 years) so I warn him to keep it down and not on all day because I was reading! That lasted 24hrs ... the next day he has it full volume and on at 06.00! I am trying to read and ask him to turn it down ... he starting mouthing off at me calling me every name he could come up with so got off my bunk and punched him hard enough to put him right on the other side of the cell and then started with the forearm and elbow ... next thing I am in solitary staring at the wall realising that I have just been played like a deck of cards!

So I am in solitary for 72hrs and the Police come to arrest me for what I think is going to be assault or ABH. When we reach reception of the prison with me in the tightest handcuffs I have ever been in ... I am told that I am being arrested for rape! All I could say was "WFT!?" That is another 7 years in prison!

Long story short, I read his statements and by the time I had got to the second one he made to the Police (the first being to the prison staff) I could see that he had contradicted himself on so many occasions it was obvious that the guy was not the most intelligent person they could have picked to set me up! By the time I saw the third statement he made I was smiling ear to ear as this was NOT going to be admissible in court (we call it an unreliable witness).

So they were forced to go NFA (no further action).

 After they failed to get me charged with rape they tried to have me killed on A wing HMP Bedford! And that was when I realised that this was getting from serious to deadly. Just to let you know how deadly ... not even 21 days after my release a man was murdered on A wing. They knocked him out and dragged him into a cell with his head right where the cell door closes. They then slammed to heavy steel door. The word I heard was that his head looked like a water melon after a baseball bat had attacked it. This was the fate that awaited me if I had not remained conscious and shouted "STAFF" at the top of my lungs  (I have a very deep voice that travels) ... I then heard keys jangling and my attackers ran! I spent the rest of my sentence in the hospital wing of the prison with head injuries.

Upon my release from prison it was very clear that I was in serious danger! So My wife and I booked flights to Mumbai from London and I have lived in India ever since!

Matthew Howard

Monday, June 20, 2016

A listener sounds off on "holocaustianity"

From a Truth Jihad Radio fan:

Hi Kevin! OK – here’s the section of that Greg Felton interview that I thought was especially good – transcribed below. 

I continued to the point at which Felton started to diverge from the topic-description of the new “Holocaust-ianity religion” and started talking about the effect of World War I.

There’s a very ironic point to be made from what Felton says at that point. He asserts that the ultra-traumatic nature of WWI is what prevented the other European countries from “stopping Hitler when Hitler invaded the Rhineland.”

After having done a LOT of study of true-er versions of WWI and WWII history over the last 10 years or so, I now consider the entire paradigm of Hitler as the evil dictator and the Germans as the ultimate evil villains of the 20th Century to be pure Zionist propaganda B.S. Hitler did not start WWII and the German invasion of France did not occur until AFTER France had invaded Germany and England had started bombing german cities.

There are actually TWO ironies in what Felton says! To wit:

The lesser irony is this: 

1. He’s saying that there are times in which a country must engage in war and using Hitler’s invasion of the Rhineland as his example. The truth is that Germany was being radically provoked in numerous ways, not the least of which being the massacres of Germans who were trapped in the newly-created country called “Poland.” Germany was actually acting in defense of its own people being slaughtered in Poland when it invaded Poland which gave England and France the excuse that the war-mongering English (Zio) leadership desperately wanted to start the war against the German people (as confirmed by statements of Churchill).

The greater irony is this:

2. The “foundation” (one could say) of the “Holocaust religion” (and the Jews as the world’s ultimate victims) which is the subject of this discussion, is the assertion that the Jews were treated in this manner due solely to the completely irrational, radically racist nature of the German people in general (now this idea has been expanded to the White Euro cultures) and Adolf Hitler in particular. This conceptual foundation (of Hitler and the German people as evil racists) is near-completely false and is the basis for an extremely large amount of false history with which we’ve all been indoctrinated since.

So the irony in what Felton is saying is that he himself, in speaking about the “Holocaust-ianity religion” of our present, is expressing part of this false history that is the foundation of the Holocaust-ianity belief system! While attempting to expose this “false religion,” he unwittingly lends support to its foundation!

It’s just a great example of how deep the proverbial rabbit-hole goes and how thoroughly we’ve all been brainwashed regarding the history of the first half of the 20th Century for the purpose of hiding the role of Jewish power in the world and establishing the meme of Jews as the ultimate innocent victims.

Feel free to post all of this to your blog. Partial transcript of your Felton interview follows below.

From Kevin Barrett's interview with Greg Felton
GF: There is no separation of church and state – we live in a theocracy. But it’s such a subtle theocracy that we don’t realize that we’re being dictated to – we’re being preached at. Anybody who’s a heretic, like Martin Luther when he nailed his 95 theses to the Wittenberg church door, you know, no one’s going to have the courage to do that unless we stop allowing ourselves to be afraid. And we are afraid. We have to stop.

KB: That’s the point that Thaddeus Kozinsky makes in his very interesting essay in We are Not Charlie Hebdo. He says that our supposed secular society, which is celebrated by the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo, of course, and is distinguished from those evil fundamentalists, those evil radical Muslims who did this terrible thing – that in fact this secular society is a disguised religious society and it’s worse than a regular religious society because of the disguise. It’s actually more oppressive and harder to find a way out of. And the fanatical religious element of it, this faith-based quality of it that’s based on the sacred and human sacrifice and all that – that’s all hidden. It makes it a much worse prison than just an honest religious theocracy could ever be.

GF: He’s actually correct, and this is why “Holocaust-ianity” is their religion. Just like Christianity had the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, we have the Holocaust and Israel. We had the Church, which is the Catholic Church originally, the Orthodox or Catholic Church, now we have AIPAC. We have all sorts of little kinds of branch churches of the same faith, cropping up and imposing their order upon the world. Every state in the U.S. has an AIPAC office.

KB: Yeah, and you know we have our shrines – I call the 9/11 Museum our shrine to the monstrous lie. And of course there are all of those Holocaust museums and the 9/11 museum was modeled after these Holocaust museums. These are all temples, these are unholy temples of these new, idolatrous religions.

GF: Of course they are. And the people who traipse through them are shocked at the graphic detail of the suffering, and it’s that shock that subverts the critical faculties. 

KB: “Shock and Awe.” 

GF: “Schlock and awe.”

KB: “Schlock and Awe,” yeah, you’re right.

GF: The thing is that if you see the pictures of the bomb – even the holocaust pictures of the bombings, or the “collapse” of the World Trade Center, you almost feel it’s disrespectful to disbelieve it. You feel that “Who am I to say this didn’t happen?”

KB: It’s also a bit like the Crucifixion. You know, I’ve called 9/11 the most powerful shock to the human nervous system, with the possible exception of the Crucifixion – the difference is that 9/11 did it instantly. Even random numbers generators went haywire starting an hour or two before 9/11. There’s some kind of psychic thing there, I won’t go into that, but yeah, it was shock to the nervous system – half of the American public got clinical PTSD from the television images. It happened very quickly whereas the Crucifixion took a long time to work its magic on the world as it gradually spread this image and its story. In both cases I think there’s this kind of fascination with this image of awful human sacrifice that ties into a kind of sacred mythic structure on which whole cultures are founded. And of course the Crucifixion was the image on which Western culture was founded, and now this 9/11-Twin-Towers-being-blown-up image, which ties into the Holocaust images as well – this is the new sacred, sacrificial image of this new pseudo-secularist religion that been forced down our throats.

GF: I would also add one more traumatic experience, and that was World War I. This was the first time total war had been inflicted on the peoples of Europe – and other parts of the world, too, but mostly Europe. And the sheer destruction and suffering that came out of that war was so traumatic, it forever changed people’s understanding of war – of what it could be used for. It essentially superseded Clausewitz’s famous observation that war was (I’ll paraphrase here) “the continuation of politics by other means.” And really that’s what it is. And because of that, we had people like Woodrow Wilson and other sort of “soft-headed” individuals, try to legislate war out of existence. They tried to impose peace on a being that is not inherently peaceful. And you follow that, since WWI, we’ve had an unnatural understanding of war. We’ve almost denied ourselves the right to fight. We have shut down our defensive mechanisms.

So Adolf Hitler, during the 1920s-30s managed to be in power, so did Mussolini and other countries, so did Japan, while we stood by and did nothing because we didn’t want to go to war. We thought that war was a very bad thing. And even to this day you hear peaceniks get up in the street and say “We’re the anti-war party” or blah-blah-woof-woof. No, you can’t be anti-war because there are times when war is necessary. There are times when you have to resort to force of arms to defend yourself or to defeat an implacable enemy. And one such time you could have done that was to stop Hitler from going into the Rhineland. But there was no will to fight. And once you have a culture that denies war as an instrument of politics, you have a culture that denies the right of self-defense. You get a hyper-rational world in which you do not acknowledge the irrational nature of humanity.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Orlando shooting analyzed on False Flag Weekly News!

Things got lively after Jim Fetzer came on...fortunately we're broadcasting from different locations and can't throw food at each other.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pulse night club had 8 exits - "50 dead, 50 injured, 1 shooter" doesn’t add up

We're told that Omar Mateen – a lowly security guard with no paramilitary training – murdered 50 people and injured more than 50 more.

He is said to have done so not with an actual assault rifle, but a mere semi-automatic. He would have had to stop to reload, at which point he would be vulnerable to someone taking him down.

The Pulse nightclub has exits everywhere you look...eight of them altogether.

Former CIA Clandestine Services Officer Robert David Steele, who has firsthand false flag experience, says it would take a team of at least three highly-trained paramilitary shooters to do so much damage, and that the dead-to-wounded ratio is highly improbable:

"If there are 50 dead, then I believe there were 3 shooters as some witnesses report -- in close combat the dead to wounded ratio tends toward 1:6; in Orlando they are claiming 1:1. I don't believe it."

For more information on the Orlando false flag (including running updates) see my article:

Orlando Nightclub Shooting Another False Flag?